1993 Mazda Rx7 - Rotary Engine Rebuild - Parts List

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Below I have listed practically every part I had ordered for the rebuild of my 13B engine as well as any additional parts that were upgraded/replaced as well. All of the "xxxx-xx-xxx" part numbers towards the top are Mazda specific part numbers which can of course be found at your local dealership or online if you take the time to look. Minus the extras listed at the bottom (transmission, radiator, vacuum line, motor mounts, oil pan brace, etc.), the engine rebuild alone cost around $2,000. Since I did the job myself and saved on labor costs, I was able to put that savings back into the car with reliability mods/upgrades as well as replace additional items like brittle coolant/air hoses, gaskets, oil injector lines, etc. These items are typically overlooked when doing just a core rebuild however I can be certain that if a part was bad or had potential for failure, then it was replaced.

Qty Description Part #
2 (2 needed) 13B Rotor Bearing (pre-93) Note: same as 93+ /cheaper 1011-11-111
2 (2 needed) Main Bearing (93+) NF01-10-E26
1 Pilot Bearing N326-11-D03
1 Pilot Bearing Seal 1881-11-404A
1 93-95 Front Side Housing N3F1-10-C00
1 Oil Injector line 93-95 Front Housing N3A1-14-670
1 Oil Injector line 93-95 Rear Housing N3A1-14-660
1 93-95 Water Pump Housing Gasket N3A1-15-116
1 86-95 Water Pump Housing to Block Gasket N386-15-162
4 (4 needed) 93-95 Turbo Drain Gasket N3A1-14-293
1 (1 needed) 93-95 Turbo Oil Drain Gasket N3A2-14-293
4 (4 needed per car) 93-95 Turbo Oil Line Gasket N3A1-13-712
1 OEM 93-95 FD Lower Intake Manifold Gasket N3A1-13-111C
1 Upper intake Manifold Gasket N3A1-13-112
1 93-95 Hose End at Left Rear of Engine B455-61-240A
1 Front Main Seal (pre-93) Note: same as 93+ /cheaper 0820-10-605
1 Rear Main Seal (all, except RENESIS) 1668-10-556A
2 Side Oil Seal Spring -95 Front - Inner N225-11-351
2 Side Oil Seal Spring -95 Front - Outer 1011-11-353A
2 Side Oil Seal Spring -95 Rear - Inner N225-11-361
2 Side Oil Seal Spring -95 Rear - Outer 1011-11-363A
4 Rotor Side Oil Seal -95 Small O-ring - Inner 0820-11-341
4 Rotor Side Oil Seal -95 Large O-ring - Outer 1202-11-343
12 (12 needed) FD-Style Corner Seal Springs (74-95) NF01-11-C24
12 (12 needed) Corner Seal w/Plug (86-95) N326-11-C20A
12 (12 needed) 0.7mm Side Seal (86-95) N3Y1-11-C11
12 (12 needed) 0.7mm Side Seal Springs(86-95) NF01-11-C17
6 (6 needed) Mazda 2mm 13B Apex Seal N351-11-C00C
6 (6 needed) Mazda 2mm 13B Apex Seal Spring (Long) N326-11-C06C
6 (6 needed) Mazda 2mm 13B Apex Seal Spring (Short) N326-11-C04A
1 Front housing gasket N3A1-10-502
1 Oil Metering Pump O-Ring N350-14-604
1 Oil pump lock washer 9997-91-200
1 Oil pickup tube gasket 0810-14-171B
18 (18 needed) Tension bolt seal/washer 0839-10-455
2 (2 needed) Oil filter tower o-ring 9954-10-1601
2 Oil injector N3G1-14-631
2 93-95 Primary Fuel Injector Diffuser N3A2-13-C61
2 Primary Fuel Injector Diffuser Seal N3A1-13-257
4 oil metering line washers/seals (4 needed) 9956-21-000
1 coolant hose N3A1-13-536
1 coolant hose N3A1-13-54X
1 coolant hose N3A1-13-691A
1 coolant hose N3A1-13-681A
1 coolant hose N3A1-13-692A
1 air hose N3A1-13-766
1 air hose N3A1-13-765
1 clutch fork assembly (trans. bell housing) N315-16-520B
1 shifter dust boot (shifter) M513-17-480A
1 nylon shifter bushing bottom (shifter) 0398-17-462A
1 upper bushing (shifter) M508-17-481A
1 lower bushing (shifter) M501-17-481
1 groove bushing (shifter) M501-17-515
1 Koyo Radiator with N-FLO R1443N
1 OBX Silicone Radiator Hose Kit RH10381
1 Fan blade x 2 - ebay $ 80 for whole assembly N3A1-15-140
0 Fan motor x 2- ebay $ 80 for whole assembly N3A1-15-150
1 HD Water Seal kit FD/REW/S5/RE
0 Dowel Pin O-ring set (incl. w/ HD water seal kit) N3A1-10-B73
0 72-02 Rear Stationary Gear O-Ring (incl. w/ HD water seal kit) 0813-10-555A
0 74-95 Front Cover O-Ring (incl. w/ HD water seal kit) N231-10-174
0 Front Cover Teflon O-Ring (incl. w/ HD water seal kit) N326-10-C15
1 2 Poly. Motor Mounts - Street/Race RX-7 93-00
Himni Racing
14 Copper Clad Exhaust Lock Nut - (10mil) Himni Racing
1 Himni SS Oil Pan Nut & Bolt Kit, 93-99 Rx7 Himni Racing
1 Red silicone vacuum hose kit HoseTechniques
1 Mazda Genuine Thermostat 89-95 EN650155
1 Thermostat gasket (o-ring) 89-95 Rx7 EN650153
1 AST Aluminum air separator tank - FD EN650140
1 used -94 Rx7 Manual 5 Speed Transmission

1 OES Genuine Fuel Filter RX-7|Base W0133-1612591
1 FR Seiken FD01-41-990B Clutch Master Cyl. FD3S 41-990B-FD01
1 FR Seiken FD01-41-920 Clutch Slave Cyl. FD3s
1 Stainless Braided Slave Cylinder Hose 4926
1 A-Pillar Gauge pod triple ATM-22675
1 Autometer 2-1/16" water temp gauge 100-250 sweep
1 FD3s Oil Pan Brace FD-OPB

My next post will include some final pictures of the car and engine back together, and possibly a video or two.

Rebuild was completed on 9/19/2010
Car had 93,850 miles on it at the time of rebuild.


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