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How To Remove Dust "Blobs" from Optoma HD70, HD72, EzPro 745 DLP

Just recently I have been experiencing what a lot of projector owners refer to as, "Dust Blobs". Upon researching this annoyance, I had found that there were a lot of projector owners out there who were trying to locate answers as to how to clean these suckers out of their own home projectors.

For those who do not know what a "dust blob" is, it is when a spec of dust lands inside the imaging mechanism (lens and/or mirrors, etc.) of a projector. Some may think, "big deal, its a tiny spec of dust". Well, given the nature of projectors, this pin sized spec of dust gets magnified a billion times then is conveniently projected right out onto your movie screen resulting in most cases as a blurry hexagonal shaped "light " spot on the screen. This spot is typically just a shade lighter than the overall displayed image on the screen and is most noticeable when the video/image being displayed from the projector is black. The size or quantity can vary…