1993 Mazda Rx7 - Rotary Engine Rebuild - Part 1

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At this point in the rebuild I had simply followed the service manual instructions to disconnect the transmission from the engine and drop it out from under the car. This was probably one of the easier tasks to accomplish but ended up being time consuming because I was waiting on an extra set of hands to actually assist in removing the transmission once it was disconnected. (Thanks Dad!) From here I just took my time to follow the service manual and disconnected all of the required hoses, lines and parts in sequence while laying them out in a pattern (left to right) on my makeshift table.

Once I was at the point to where I could remove the motor, we used some very heavy straps and a 1 TON chain block to lift the motor up and out of the engine bay. The chain block was attached to a 5ft long 4" x 4" fence post that was positioned across 3 of the rafters directly above the car. Once the engine was high enough to clear the engine bay I pulled the motor out away from the car while my Dad lowered the engine onto a pallet on the floor. Needless to say the 2 main oil lines with the metal connectors (you can see one in the above photo) was sticking out just far enough to scratch the paint on the front clip on my car. I learned the hard way, so be sure to cover your fenders and front clip or remove them!

Since the motor was now out of the car it was actually very easy to strip all of the external parts off of the short-block. This only took about 2-3 hours to accomplish making sure to mark any electrical connections, vacuum, oil and coolant lines with different colored electrical tape as I went. I know the above photo looks like a mess however there is a method to my madness to where I could easily re-assemble the motor if I had lost my service manual. So STAY organized!!

Some links worth reviewing:

This site has "How To" videos on various aspects of a rebuild

Here is a fairly organized forum with a lot of links to resources (some links are dead)

Up next...disassembling the short-block.


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