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Fix Inverted Controls: Batman Arkham Asylum (PC Version)

For anyone who has attempted to play Batman: Arkham Asylum on their PC with a gamepad:

You may have ran into an problem where the character walks forward while you press down on the left analog stick and walks backward when you press up on the analog stick. Also, if you are used to the normal XBOX/XBOX360 controller layout, you may notice the X/Y and A/B control bindings are backwards as well. This issue can be quite annoying as most all attempts to correct this through any software outside of the game itself seem to be disregarded.

NOTE: These instructions are for specific use with an original XBOX S controller with the USB mod!! If you would like this to work with another gamepad, you need to figure out what binding your PC is using to reference that specific controller first.

Below I have posted instructions on how this issue can be easily fixed.

1) Browse to the "\BmGame\Config\" directory where the game is installed. For example:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Eidos\Batman…

Wii Energizer 2x Induction Charger - Flashing Red Light - **Update**

After I had posted this troubleshooting walk-through, I had decided to just leave my Wii Remotes on the charger any time they are not in use. The reason for this was because the manual states that this system will NOT continue to try and charge the batteries once they are at 100%. (Makes sense of course)

Since I have started using it like this, I have had zero problems. I am wondering if these batteries are subject to the well known "rechargeable battery memory problem" that we all know and love. (For those who are unfamiliar, Google it!) At the same time, I am now wondering if the original cause of the issue is because sometimes only 1 of the batteries in the pack are charging. If so, it would make sense that the induction charger would not attempt to charge it any further because the battery pack is reporting that it is charged.

For anyone continuing to have problems with this system and who would like to do some troubleshooting on their own. I would like to challenge you…