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Custom HTPC Streaming 1080p with XBMC

I have owned 3 original XBox's for some time now."Why three?" you may ask. Well upon the discovery of XBMC, I knew I had to have a XBox connected to every TV in the house.  On top of that, with a bit of searching you could locate an original XBox on for 20-40 dollars. The only problem with this XBox solution today is that it is unable to stream HD (High-def) content due to hardware limitations.

To get you up to speed, XBMC is a FREE application that you can run from a hacked original XBox that allows you to seamlessly stream video, music and photos to your TV from any network enabled PC in your house.  It also allows you to launch video game emulators, various plug-ins, as well as even check the weather.  In my eyes, no other media center software can compare.

Now with the rising popularity of HD formatted movies, I knew I would soon need to replace at least one of my original XBox's with a machine that could handle streaming 1080p videos over the net…