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Lionel New York Central Flyer Train Set - No Squealing Brakes *Update*

Growing up I really did not play with model railroad sets all that much. However, as time goes on I noticed that I really do enjoy the craftsmanship that goes into these model trains.  Taking a trip to a few hobby shops with my Dad during the past few weeks made me realize that I could browse the model railroad section of a hobby shop for hours.  I just love the look of the trains chugging along on their suspended tracks up near the ceiling as well as browsing through all of the different rolling stock that is available.

  I figured since Christmas is almost here and I have a 2 year old that I think would love to see a train circling the Christmas tree, why not invest in a RTR (Ready-to-Run) set.  After some digging around and comparing prices, the model that was most appealing to me was the New York Central Flyer (pic above). Model number 6-30156.  The few main reasons why I chose this model were because it included the TrainSounds system with the tender and the locomotive was equ…