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How to control an iPod from an Android device

Recently I have been playing with some old stereo equipment and started thinking: "It would be great to be able to control my iPod remotely so that I could change the songs playing on my stereo from across the house".  It then dawned on me that their had to be some software out there to remotely control my iPod from a PC.  While doing some digging around I came across Veency (pronounced VNC).  This is a service that can be installed on a jailbroken iPod which acts as a VNC server.  All you need is an active wifi connection and you are all set.  Afterward I wanted to take it a step further so that I was not tethered to my desktop computer to be able to adjust my music.  So I turned towards my Toshiba Thrive tablet for a solution.  Low and behold there is a great little vnc viewer called "android-vnc-viewer" which would allow me to accomplish exactly what I wanted.  Below I will walk you through the steps I had taken to do this.

1. Jailbreak your iPod/iPad etc. (You w…