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Craftsman Garage Door Photo Eye/Cell Sensor Problems

This post pertains to anyone having issues with their Craftsman, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, or Sears automatic garage door openers due to apparent photo sensor problems.  I myself have a Craftsman automatic opener with sensors that look very much like the ones in the photo below.  However, one noticeable difference is where the wires connect to the sensor casing. (circled in red)
   On my original sensors, there is a white rectangular connector that slides onto 2 pins that stick out of the back of each sensor. Aside from that, everything else appears to be identical to the replacement Liftmaster Sensors Part #41A4373A

   I had gone through 3 or so years where my garage door would work perfectly fine all summer right up until the weather turned cold.  EVERY year I would spend an enormous amount of time adjusting these sensors in an attempt to align them "better".  At the end of the daythey simply would not work, which meant I would have to walk back into the house and hold…