1993 Mazda Rx7 - Rotary Engine Rebuild ... Intro

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In late 2008, I had decided to drive my '93 Rx7 one last time before storing it away for the winter. Upon starting it up and backing it out of the garage I was greeted with the normal plume of white smoke coming from the exhaust due to condensation buildup in the exhaust from sitting for a few weeks. As I usually would let the car warm up for a few minutes before taking her out for a drive, I started walking toward the house. Just as soon as I had turned my back I had noticed the "to be expected" condensation burn off had turned into what some might call a smoke screen. I literally was unable to see the neighbors house through the foggy disappointment that was floating through the air in front of me. Now since winter was not too far away, I figured that I would let the car sit until Summer 09' before I attempted any work on the car. Little did I know, time was disappearing faster than I had planned.

Warping into Summer of 2010, below were a top 10 list of things I knew about this upcoming project:

1.) I have never rebuilt a motor in my life nor had I intended on ever taking on the task.
2.) I knew slightly more than the average person about car maintenance, simply because I never wanted to pay the high labor costs for car repair service.

3.) Internet has most all the information you could ever need.

4.) It pays to do your research!!! I really cannot express this enough.

5.) If you own an Rx7, especially a 3rd Gen, then you either better be prepared to spend some serious cheddar and/or get very familiar with your engine bay.

6.) The factory shop manual is a must! Luckily for you, I have provided a link which has all the shop manuals for free ---> http://www.wright-here.net/cars/rx7/manuals.html

7.) Rx7 + A ton of white smoke = more than likely...engine rebuild

8.) If you are not sure if you can rebuild a rotary engine, chances are you probably can!!

9.) You should never let a blown motor sit for too long, especially knowing there is a puddle of coolant in the engine. Rust is not a Wankel's friend! ;)

10.) This would most definitely be an extremely rewarding project. Not only because I could potentially save myself thousands of dollars, but I would end up having the experience and knowledge I need to maintain one of my favorite and most interesting cars I would probably ever own.

Lastly, this is by no means a "walk-through" on how to rebuild a rotary engine but more just a very informative overview including my experiences, tricks, suggestions, and resources which helped me along the way.

This posting will be the first of many....stay tuned.


  1. Whats takin so long? lol email me at smoothy106@hotmail.com im about to start the same project and sounds like we both are gonna need help lol

  2. -smoothy106
    I have actually completed my engine rebuild and the car is up and running. I just have not had time to finish all my blog posts. I have 3 other postings related to this engine rebuild on my blog (part 1, part 2, part 3). Just go to the main link at http://tantht.blogspot.com/ to see them.

    The engine however started on the first try and at this point I practically have every part of that motor memorized.

    Good luck to you and I track the comments on my blog so post any info/questions you have and I would be glad to help you out.



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