Purchased www.MissingCamera.com yesterday and am currently in the process of creating the site. The idea came to me after finding a "lost" camera at our resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico on 7/27/09. It was the Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa to be exact. While browsing through the photos on the camera, it looked as if the owners had lost the little blue Olympus camera the night before their departure so my efforts in giving the camera to a local resort worker at the "CoCo Cafe" most likley ended up being a wasted effort. It was at that moment that I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to be able to reunite people with their cameras/memories by the use of the internet?". It was then that www.MissingCamera.com was born. Unfortunatley for this particular blue Olympus camera, I turned it over to the resort in hopes that the owners would check in to see if it had already been located, instead of keeping the camera and posting the images/camera information on my new site. The webpage is most definitley in its early stages, however please check back often for changes and updates. Hey, maybe you have lost/found a camera that you would like to reunite with its owners! Check back often for updates.



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